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Warehouse Safety – 5 Important Things To Keep In Mind

A reliable workplace always have proper safety measures, making sure that all the employees are safe while working with hazardous machines and chemicals. If you are a warehouse manager, it is your responsibility to make sure that every employee working under your supervision leaves for home without a single scratch on his body. And this is where warehouse safety measures equipment come into action.

The workplace safety equipment help in enhancing the safety levels, and lower the amount of accidents which happen in a workplace. Let’s look at the top 5 health and warehouse safety measures which you should install in your workplace as soon as possible:

Fire Detection and Prevention

A fire outbreak is very common in workplaces. This is why it is important to install fire detection and prevention systems at the correct places. First and foremost, buy and install fire extinguishers near the reach of your workers. Next in line are the fire alarms and automated sprinkler systems. Do not forget to stack fire blankets too. You also need to make sure that all the equipment get tested every week to make sure that they are functioning at a proper order. It’s advisable to hire a specialist who will find out the best-suited system for your workplace.

Last but not the least is a fire training course. Each and every employee working in the workplace (including you) must know how to run a fire extinguisher, and know which are the safest escape route out of the building.

Signs and Labels

Next in line are signs and labels. These are of an extreme significance when it comes to workplace safety. Use bright colors to mark them, and put them up throughout your workplace in places where one can see them clearly. Use them to show potentially hazardous areas to staff members.

You can also use signs and labels to help your employees find first aid kits, fire exits, washing stations, washroom, and machinery items.

Staff Clothing

You also need to make sure that all your employees wear the proper clothing in the workplace. Fluorescent vests while working inside and high-visibility rainwear while working outside the workplace will make it easy for your employees to become visible to other staff members. Other important safety wears like protective aprons, boots, goggles, PVC gloves, and hard hats must also become a part of every staff member. Buy these safety wears from reputed manufacturers and test them before using them. Also make it mandatory for your employees to wear each and every safety equipment when they are working.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits are always present in a workplace, and surely your workplace is no exception? However, is there only one first aid kit? It’s a very smart move to keep multiple (and completely stacked) first aid kits which can help you tackle large-scale accidents. In most cases, the number of first aid kits depend on the number of your employees. You need to check on the boxes regularly to make sure they are not missing any item. Your employees also need to know the exact locations of all the kits if they need them in an emergency situation.

Employee Training

Not only a fire training course, there are a lot more things an employee needs to learn before becoming capable of creating a safe environment for himself and his colleagues. This may include pushing or pulling cargo items, and carrying heavy loads. A single wrong movement can become a reason behind a permanent injury. It is, therefore, essential that training is given to new employees on good postures, stretches, and lifting techniques. You also need to make sure that these trainings get repeated every few months.

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