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Understanding Industrial style Pallet Racks

Some units feature weight capacities of up to 48,000 pounds. Industrial pallet racks are a series of parts and components that fasten together in the form of shelving units. They are used to hold stacks of heavy pallets and are a popular means of storage for any industry.
In terms of structural appearance, industrial style pallet racks differ little from their lighter duty equivalents. They function in much the same way, the only real difference being that they require professional installation to be safely and efficiently set up, and they must be moved with heavier equipment in order to ensure the safety of both workers and content.

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As such, almost all industrial pallet racks are designed to anticipate and withstand occasional forklift collisions that can result in either human or mechanical error. In addition to substantially reducing replacement costs by using an industrial strength pallet rack that can withstand greater stress, investing in industrial strength pallet racking systems can possibly generate commercial insurance discounts on the basis that the equipment is significantly less likely to be damaged to the point of filing a claim.

From a material handling perspective, industrial pallet racks make large materials behave like small ones. By designating storage space for heavy equipment, parts, and large containers that are simultaneously compact and portable on demand, industrial pallet racking systems make it easier and safer to move extremely cumbersome materials from one point to the other with a minimum of risk to people or equipment.

The most popular industrial style pallet racks are found commonly throughout warehouses and factories nationwide is the teardrop design. The standard dimensions for a teardrop industrial pallet rack are 64 inches in width and 300 inches in height. In most normal heavy-duty storage environments, this usually provides all necessary storage space for the requirements at hand. Teardrop racks also offer an additional 2 inches of adjustable space to create maximum efficiency in height usage.

Teardrop industrial pallet racking systems consist of boltless design that provides easy assembly and a quick adjustment on the spot. Braces are welded together to high tensile steel columns to create a safe and sturdy upright truss. The most heavy-duty teardrop units feature a storage capacity of up to 35,000 pounds.

For loads larger than this, structural steel pallet racks provide even more weight capacity and storage space. These exceptionally large racking systems can hold up to 48,000 pounds and offer 30 additional inches of beam span compared to teardrop industrial racks. Structural steel racks are also specially designed to withstand forklift collisions without buckling or spilling their contents.

A specialist should help you choose which design and capacity industrial style pallet racks best fits your current warehouse or factory storage needs and which design and weight capacity are most appropriate for your particular situation. Industrial pallet racks are not a do-it-yourself install and always require a trained professional to configure both to ensure worker safety and maximum efficiency in space utilization

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